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Mr Richard Moore is able to provide specialist consultation and treatment for all aspects of oral surgery including:

  • Removal of impacted wisdom teeth and coronectomies

  • Surgical endodontics

  • Complex extractions including removal of retained roots and extractions for orthodontics

  • Surgical exposure of teeth for orthodontic treatment

  • Removal of jaw cysts

  • Removal of lesions inside the mouth requiring biopsy

  • Pre-prosthetic surgery

  • Closure +/- repair of oro-antral communications and excision of fistulas

  • Tongue Tie Release

Referrals are accepted from your medical or dental practitioner or you can directly book directly by contacting us.

Depending on your reason for referral, your initial consultation will include a full examination and any relevant investigations such as scans, radiographs and clinical photographs. This appointment can last for up to an hour, and all appropriate treatment options will be discussed.

After your consultation, you will be provided with a detailed outline of your situation and treatment options.

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